ADFX Awards

Celebrating the Most Effective Advertising in Ireland


The ADFX awards has earned a reputation for accuracy, fairness and credibility. A look at the list of winners is a who’s who of the Irish advertising industry. In order to be an open and transparent award you will find the seven criteria that the judges will mark your case study against below.

In the first round of judging each criteria is marked out of seven. Therefore the highest score any entry could receive is 49. Entries are judged at random and not directly compared to other entries in their category in the first round.

In the second round for judging, the criteria will be used to debate who wins an award and in some cases who doesn't.

It takes about eight weeks of judging, to review all of the work that is submitted in each category in the first round and a day or two in the second. So remember to make this an enjoyable read for the judges. Judges are senior-level, experienced professionals from Ireland and worldwide. They are selected based on experience and availability.

The new judging criteria is based on the IPA model and we would strongly suggest that anyone looking to enter ADFX reads winning papers from the IPA awards and notes how each addressed the scoring criteria.

You must ensure that your case study does the same.

Clarity of case

How well written, structured and presented is the case?

Scale of task

How difficult is the scale of task undertaken?

Strength of Solution

How imaginative or difficult are the strategic creative and/or media solutions employed in the case?

Use of channels

How well did the case study exploit and evaluate communication channels?

Scale of effect

How impressive is the return relative to the level of communications investment and market context?

Strength of proof

How convincingly and credibly does the case study establish link between the marketing communications and the commercial results?

New Learning

Has the case taught us anything new about how communications work or about how to evaluate them?

Make sure to demonstrate the scale of effect and strength of solution with data and your "killer chart". This is often determines whether an entry wins an award and whether it is a Gold, Silver or Bronze.