Denise Turner

2014 Judge

Managing Partner, Chief Insight Officer, Havas Media UK Denise Turner

Denise is very curious by nature, always wanting to find the why behind the what.  She loves to know what makes people tick; why they make the choices they do.  Denise found her natural home working in media research, enabling her to ask why for a living.  She counts herself incredibly fortunate to have spent the last 23 years in both full –service and media agencies. 

For the last 14 years she has been at Havas Media (formerly MPG Media Contacts), transforming a small backroom research team into a client facing team, pivotal to insight and measurement across the agency.   She has recently been promoted to Managing Partner, and is responsible for insight across the group.

Denise is extensively involved in industry groups which promote best practice in research.  She is a former Chair of the Media Research Group Committee, which debates and educate about research issues.  She has been a member of the IPA’s Television Research Advisory Group since 1993 and has been closely involved in the set up and ongoing development of the IPA’s groundbreaking multi-media study TouchPoints.  In 2009 she was elected a Fellow of the IPA, in recognition of her services to the advertising industry.   She has spoken at many educational events, including those of the IPA, Admap, Marketing Week, ESOMAR and the Marketing Forum, as well as authoring a number of articles in corresponding publications.  

Finally it seems Denise was destined to work in communications research, having the claim to fame of having been on the UK television research panel BARB in Ulster in the early 1980s before the advent of the peoplemeter!